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Trade-Ins Welcome

Old cameras collecting dust or taking up valuable storage space?


Bring in your old gear and trade up to a new camera or buy that accessory you've been wanting. We take a great variety of camera equipment in for trade.

We carefully inspect your items to ensure they're in good working condition and review your trade with our head office evaluation experts to ensure fair and current values. This also helps us ensure that you, the customer, will be happy with the process.

Please note, trade in values may be lower than choosing to sell privately due to a number of factors such as complying with city bylaws, government taxes and other business fees.  We offer the convenience of immediate value without the hassle as well as 15/60 Day warranty.

We offer a smooth, easy, and secure process providing ease of mind when it comes to upgrading from your current gear. Plus, your trade-in will save you some taxes (PST and GST) on your new purchase because you only pay taxes on the difference between the new gear and your trade-in value.  We also have trade-in promotions, with camera manufacturers running throughout the year where you receive a bonus trade-in value for select cameras or lenses.

Evaluation in Minutes
In most cases our evaluation process is very quick and through.

We consider most digital cameras, point-and-shoot and SLR film cameras and lenses, flash and other related equipment. we do not consider video cameras or older digital camera. 

Prior to your visit:
- Feel free to contact us via email or by calling any of our stores.
- Please arrive before 5:00 pm to ensure the trade-in can be processed before cut off time. 
- Remember to bring in the chargers, cables, accessories and (if available) original packaging.

Please Note:

- There are times when a trade-in evaluations may take a little longer such as if the store is busy, if your equipment is unique or if you're bring in multiple items.
- In compliance with municipal bylaws in certain cities, we are unable to accept trade-ins during the evening.
- We are required by municipal bylaws to obtain personal information from your photo identification and to submit to the appropriate authorities when items are traded in.
- Since we need to comply with city bylaws and other regulations, our values may significantly differ when compared to selling your item through third party sites.
- Any quote we provide vie email/phone are estimates. We cannot provide precise values without physically examining the item/s.

What happens in our trade-in process?

  • First, we determine the resale value of the item. We take into consideration the following: (1) condition, (2) age, (3) demand, and (4) current inventory levels.
  • Resale values can change very quickly. Because digital cameras (or technology in general) gets update very often prices drop accordingly. Today, an old 10-megapixel camera may have little value. For current models, the resale value, may be 2/3 to 3/4 of its new price to reflect what a customer is willing to pay for a pre-owned item without a full manufacturer's warranty.
  • Second, after determining the resale value, we deduct a percentage to cover our selling costs. (The rate may vary when it involves older/less popular items.)
  • Selling costs, we factor in are the following:
          (1) the inspection, promotion, storage of the used item,
          (2) the warranty placed on the item to sell it
          (3) the need to possibility repair the item,
          (4) the cost of putting an item on police hold due to municipal bylaws,
          (5) and the possibility adjusting prices if it takes many months to sell.
  • After providing the trade-in value towards your new purchase, you’ll save 12% of the trade’s value because you're only charged  PST and GST on the net value. i.e. if new purchase is $1000 and trade value is $400 then you pay taxes on $600 (a savings of $48).  You can also apply the trade-in value towards a gift card.  However, there’s no tax savings on gift cards, payment on account or other credits (in accordance with PST and GST tax regulations).

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