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film processing

film processing

film processing

35mm colour film, 120 and 220 film is processed at the Vancouver - Main store.

NOTE: Orders are usually done while you wait or usually within an hour. Time is subject to volume.


E-6, B&W, & APS film processing is done off-site with The Lab - Professional Digital Image Works.

NOTE: These orders require pre-payment and order pick-up and delivery services on Tuesday and Thursdays (Subject to change).

FILM PROCESSING pricesTHE lab - prices

Processing of K-64 Slide Film

Kodak has abandoned the processing of this film and therefore, local photo retailers like ourselves are no longer able to get this film processed.

Goodbye to Kodachrome....

Dwayne’s Photo Service in Kansas USA was the last Kodachrome processor in the world but, sadly, he unplugged his machine for good on Thursday December 30 '10. After 75 years, we say goodbye to Kodachrome and it's now become part of the history of photography.

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