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We do not offer repairs on-site.

Today's digital cameras and accessories require specialized equipment, training and experience to service them to the exacting specifications of the manufacturers. We, therefore, recommend using the repair depots authorized by your camera's manufacturer.

For faster repair service, we encourage you to deal directly with the service facility. 
(Please see "Service Depot" link below)

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Warranty Repairs

Due to the nature of digital items, most manufacturers and retailers will not accept opened products for return even if they may be defective. Defective items must be claimed under manufacturer’s warranties.  Please refer to your product’s warranty documentation. Typically there is a 1 or 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

For fastest service, we encourage you to deal directly with the manufacturer’s service depot. Canon, Sony and Panasonic offer a fast, convenient customer-direct option to expedite your repair. Panasonic offers free shipping each way. Sony offers a local Vancouver service depot.

Service depots may take up to 8 weeks to process a repair and times cannot be guaranteed. Please allow additional time during peak periods. DUE TO COVID: Times maybe longer.

We can ship items to the manufacturer on your behalf, if the item is purchased from us (please bring in your original receipt). Note this may add an additional week wait time, we cannot handle larger items such as printers and Olympus products (they requires customers to deal direct with their USA facilities.)

Manufacturer warranties are voided in the event of accidental damage or misuse by customer (i.e. impact, dust, liquids, lotions, sand, dirt, smoke, falls, being sat upon). This is often not apparent from visual inspection. Therefore, an estimate fee must be paid when submitting ALL repairs and will be refunded after manufacturer confirms that the warranty is valid (minimum charge of $45 to $120, depending on the manufacturer, to cover our out-of-pocket costs if the manufacturer declines the warranty). Non-warranty repairs are subject to a non-refundable estimate and handling charge.



Additional service may be available for product recalls or service advisories and can be found on the manufacturer’s Canadian website. In some cases, these may apply even after your product is out of warranty so it's worth checking their website. Check here for links to many of the supplier's service advisories.

Non-warranty Repairs

Non-warranty repairs are subject to a non-refundable estimate and handling charge (minimum of $45). For more information about estimate and handling charges, which may vary by service depot, please contact us at 604-263-3221, 1-866-310-3245 or email info@kerrisdalecameras.com. Service depots may take 3 to 8 weeks to process a repair but times can vary and can not be guaranteed. For faster service, we recommend you deal directly with the service depot, listed below.

Download a list of service depots:

manufacturer service depot list

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