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Rebates & Mail-in offers

Check our rebates and mail-in offers

Rebates & Mail-in offers

Currently, many of our suppliers are providing us with "instant rebates" so you get the savings immediately from us. These are indicated on our website showing that the prices are 'after instant rebate'.  No forms to submit and no waiting!

Vendor policies and information on the original rebate form overrides any information on this site. To open these files, you'll need Adobe's Acrobat "Reader" program. To download this FREE software, go to www.adobe.com

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Mail-in Rebate Tips

These tips will help you to receive your rebates in a timely manner. Most manufacturers contract the services of a rebate clearing house to process rebates for them and unfortunately, due to increased fraud and high volume, these companies follow very strict guidelines. Any error or missing the deadline by even a day could mean that your claim will be disqualified. These tips can help you with any mail-in rebate, including products not purchased from us.

Before submitting your rebate claim:

  • Complete rebate forms carefully.
  • Print very neatly.
  • Ensure that the correct UPC code is submitted.
  • Watch for the submission deadline. Some manufacturers allow only a very short time to claim the rebate.
  • Staple or tape documents together so that small items such as UPC codes can't fall out of the envelope. Photocopy all documentation for your records and make a note of the date you mailed it.
  • Before sealing your claim envelope, double-check that you followed the instructions correctly by checking them off.
  • If you're submitting a claim close to the submission deadline or if it's for a larger amount, consider sending it registered mail so you'll have proof of the mailing date and can confirm they received it.

After submitting your rebate:

After a few weeks, check the rebate centre's website or call the toll-free number to check the status of the claim.

If you don't receive your rebate cheque within the time specified on the rebate claim form: We deal only with very reputable manufacturers who value their customers and want them to receive eligible rebates.

  • Contact the rebate centre through their website or toll-free number.
  • If you don't get a satisfactory response within about a week then fax or mail photocopies of all your documents to the manufacturer and ask for their assistance, letting them know what steps you've taken so far. You'll find manufacturer's addresses on their websites.
  • Enlist your retailer's help: Send copies of your documentation to the retailer's head office along with a copy of the letter you sent to the manufacturer. Manufacturer's want to keep their retailers happy so your retailer may be able to help speed up the process with the manufacturer.

For problems with rebates on products purchased from us, send a copy of the letter you've sent to the manufacturer to us at:

E-mail: headoffice@kerrisdalecameras.com
Mail: Marketing Assistant, Kerrisdale Cameras Ltd, 2170 W. 41st Ave, Vancouver, B.C. V6M 1Z5
Fax: (604) 266-2246, Attention: Marketing

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