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Airport X-rays: How to protect your films when traveling through airport security?

Tips for Rebate Claims: Click here for tips to ensure you get your rebate cheques on time. And, what to do if you don't receive it.

Are special pens required for writing on CD and DVD disks?

How can I print images from my camera phone?: Click here to download our handy "Camera Phone Print Guide" for tips on choosing a camera phone, how to move pictures from your phone, printing, and more.

How can I save my water-damaged photos?

What can I do with my old, non-working camera? Where can I recycle it?

Are special pens required for writing on CD and DVD disks?


Here is the response from Fujifilm's Technical Department...


Excellent question. Using a soft fiber or felt-tipped permanent marker is preferable but be aware that the solvents in some types of inks can potentially damage the disc. Avoid using ballpoint pens, pencils or other sharp writing instruments. Double-sided writable DVD discs can be marked only in the centre hub or "clamping" region of the disc. Some discs are specially coated to accommodate handwritten labels and even special markers are available and intended for such use. Bottom line, any pen/marker labeled as 'for use on CD/DVDs' is safe (including Sharpies). Avoid sharp-tipped writing instruments and 'special' inks (silver, gold, fluorescent, etc..)


We've heard that Staedtler has a special pen (waterproof) 'Lumocolor CD-R Pen'.


Sharpie has a "CD/DVD Permanent Marker". Here's a quote from the Sharpie website...


Is the Sharpie marker safe for writing on CD's?

Sanford has used Sharpie markers on CDs for years and we have never experienced a problem. We do not believe that the Sharpie ink can affect these CDs, however we have not performed any long-term laboratory testing to verify this. We have spoken to many major CD manufacturers about this issue. They use the Sharpie markers on CDs internally as well, and do not believe that the Sharpie ink will cause any harm to their products.


Sharpie CD/DVD marker has a twin tip for added versatility in labeling CD and jewel cases.

How can I save my water-damaged photos?


Generally damaged photographs for which there are no negatives (nor digital images) need your first attention. Certain types of photographs are more susceptible to damage than others, as reported in the Setpember 2008 issues of PMA Magazine. It may not be possible to save photos if they are stuck together or moldy. Since mold can grow within 48 hours, time is important. If photos can't be dried immediately and carefully, they should be frozen. This will give you the time to find out how to properly salvage your photos. That may mean asking a neighbour to put them in their freezer while you deal with your emergency.


Where to get more information:


The Northeast Document Conservation Center is a non-profit conservation center specializing in the preservation of paper-based materials, including photographs. You'll find some helpful information to deal with water damaged photos here:


For a full list of their leaflets, that you can download, go to:


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