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Panorama Prints

Panorama Prints

Panoramic Prints are great for cityscapes, landscapes, or large groups of people too wide for a regular print.


8x20"$13.99 each

8x24"$15.99 each

12x36"$19.99 each

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Return/Refund policy

Return/Refund policy

We want you to get the best photo quality.

We maintain our equipment to the highest industry standards and we will produce products of the best quality possible. The best prints will result from high resolution images, large file size, good lighting, clean lenses and well composed photos. Images on camera and computer monitors may appear brighter and sharper than they appear on a print.

If you’re unsure then please ask us for assistance. Photos from facebook, twitter or email sources may not produce the best prints due to their small file size. Photos from a cell phone may also not produce the best prints in part due to their unprotected lens. Select your prints carefully. 

Due to the self-serve nature of online orders, our associates can not ensure that only high quality images are selected and colour-corrected. Therefore, returns will only be accepted in situations where the item is defective due to our equipment’s failure or photolab error.

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