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Looking for a used item but don't see it on our website? We have thousands of used items but only about a third are on our website because they change daily.


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Old cameras collecting dust or taking up valuable storage space?


We take Trade-ins!


Plus, your trade is worth an extra 12% because it reduces the PST/GST on your new purchase!


Bring in your old film or digital camera gear and trade up to a new camera or buy that accessory you've been wanting. We take a great variety of camera equipment in for trade.


Usually, we can do an in-store evaluation in minutes, while you wait. Please note that due to the nature of retail, a trade-in evaluation may take a little longer if the store is busy, or for unique or multiple items that may require extra time. We carefully inspect your items to ensure they're in good working condition so that we can be confident that the customer buying your trade-in will be happy with it. Please feel free to contact the store in advance prior to dropping in with a trade.


We will consider most digital cameras, SLR film cameras and lenses, flash and other related equipment. Sorry, we do not take Camcorders. Many older point-and-shoot film cameras or older digital cameras may also not be taken on trade because they may have very limited value in today's market. Items must be in good working order.


How do we determine values?

  • First, to determine the re-sale value (what customers are willing to pay for your item), a number of factors are taken into consideration when determining trade values. Condition, age, customer demand, and current stock on hand of a certain product.


  • Digital cameras are similar to computers because they change so quickly that their values drop accordingly, unlike film cameras prior to the digital era. While an older 4-megapixel camera may have little value, it can still save you some $$$ and better than collecting dust in a closet. Re-sale value for a current model item may be 2/3 to 3/4 of its new price, to reflect what a customer is willing to pay for a pre-owned item without manufacturer's full warranty. A higher value may be given for items if you bring in your original invoice as this may enable us to sell it with the remaining manufacturer's warranty. All trade values are reviewed by our specialists at head office who have decades of experience to ensure fairness and consistency.


  • Next, after determining the re-sale value, we deduct 40-50% to cover our selling costs, which is a similar rate as charged by consignment-type businesses. (Note: the rate may vary greatly when it involves older/less popular items.) This covers the warranty that we offer customers (that they wouldn't get if they bought it privately), various business costs incurred to process, promote and sell used items, plus we can't sell most items for a month due to municipal bylaws. We may need to adjust the price or it may take many months to sell. Items requiring some repairs prior to re-sale will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Remember....your trade is worth an additional 12% because you'll save PST/GST on your new purchase. So, a trade-in value of $500 will reduce your new purchase by $560.


We welcome your telephone or email enquiries about whether a particular item may be accepted on trade but, will not be able to give precise values without examining the items. Email: or call any of our stores.


Please remember to bring in the chargers, cables and other accessories for digital cameras.


Please note that we are required by municipal bylaws to obtain personal information from your photo identification and to submit to the appropriate authorities when items are traded in.