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Our digital photolab produces high quality prints on high quality photo paper for rich, vivid colours that will last a lifetime. We take great pride in our high standards, and hire only well-trained and experienced trained photolab operators who maintain the lab in top condition to manufacturers' specifications. Our lab operators provide personalized service to ensure each individual photo meets our high photographic standards. We’ll produce the best possible photographs from your digital images, 35mm films, 120/220 films, APS films, slides, or prints.


Digital Photo Kiosks are available in all stores (except Victoria)

Vancouver: Our Noritsu Digital Photolab offers prints and enlargements up to 8"x24". Plus, we process film! Orders are usually done while you wait or usually within an hour. Time is subject to volume.  (Note: we do not process E6 and B&W films on site). We also have the latest Epson wide-format printer offering custom poster enlargements on-site up to 24" x 48".


Coquitlam: Noritsu Digital Photolab offers prints and enlargements up to 8"x24", while you wait or usually within an hour. Time is subject to volume.


Langley: Noritsu Digital Photolab offers prints and enlargments  up to 12x36, while you wait or usually within an hour. Time is subject to volume.







 E-6 and B&W film processing: These services are offered off-site with order pick-up and delivery services on Tuesday and Thursdays (subject to change). These orders require pre-payment.

Digital One-Hour PhotoLabs: Located at our Vancouver, Langley and Coquitlam stores. Click for location information.

Photofinishing Specials: Click here for our monthly special


For services not available in store please see The Lab prices here.



Processing of K-64 Slide Film

Kodak has abandoned the processing of this film and therefore, local photo retailers like ourselves are no longer able to get this film processed.


Goodbye to Kodachrome....

Dwayne’s Photo Service in Kansas USA was the last Kodachrome processor in the world but, sadly, he unplugged his machine for good on Thursday December 30 '10. After 75 years, we say goodbye to Kodachrome and it's now become part of the history of photography.


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